Understanding the Texas Constitution

Texas flag in blue sky

If you think that the Texas Constitution is just a piece of paper, you are not alone.

Many people, and even some lawmakers, are not aware of the Texas constitutional system. They assume that everything in the constitution is just written on a piece of paper. Let’s see what the Texas Constitution actually says.

The very first part of the Texas Constitution is called the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence speaks about why the state was formed. It is included for historical purposes only.

The next part of the Texas Constitution is called the Texas Declaration of Sovereignty. This part of the constitution says that the government has sole authority to levy taxes. The clause says that tax bills are the sole authority for the State and its official agents. There is no provision for the people’s representatives in the legislature to raise taxes on their constituents.

The third part of the Texas Constitution is known as the Militia Clause. This is the section that gives the state the authority to call up its own armed militia to guard against foreign invasion or domestic insurrection. It also grants the right to these people to assemble to practice their religion.

The fourth and last part of the Texas Constitution is called the Separation Clause. This section includes a list of rights that the state gives its citizens. Some of the rights listed are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These rights are listed to make sure that the people will not lose any of these things if they leave the state.

That is all there is to the Texas Constitution. If you do not like the state, then you do not have to abide by it. It is only good if you like the things that it says.

What do you think the federal government does with its constitutional law?

It moves forward. The US Supreme Court has interpreted the US Constitution to give the federal government the power to tax its citizens, regulate the commerce between states, and protect its citizens from natural disasters. The US Constitution is nothing more than a document that is passed with the consent of the people and the legislature.

When the government turns to a court for guidance, the court can interpret the constitution as it sees fit. Therefore, it does not speak for the constitution. The United States Supreme Court can only interpret the constitution when it has given its opinion on a particular case.

For example, when a resident of Texas asks for a divorce, that case is determined by the court under the Constitution. When two people enter into a marriage contract under the Texas Constitution, the marriage contract is legal. The constitution does not speak to whether or not a man and a woman can enter into a contract for a homosexual relationship under the Texas Constitution.

  • The Constitution is not in place to tell us what we should do as citizens of the state of Texas.
  • The constitution is in place to keep the government and all its officials honest.
  • The Texas Constitution was made for our benefit alone.

How many politicians do you know that do not respect the constitution in the real world? When you tell someone that the US Constitution does not mean what they say it means, you are basically telling them that they do not matter. They do not have a say in their own life.

You cannot run the United States of America, Texas, or anything else for that matter, without the consent of the citizens. They are the ones who gave the constitution to the government. If you want the US Constitution to mean what it says, then you need to stand up and fight for it every day.