The Texas Revolution

When our nation is on the verge of the most important revolutionary change in its history, there is much to be concerned about. Much of what I write below was written during that time, and as we head into the future, a number of questions arise as to whether our changing times demand more specific, needed action or change from other states of our nation.

A Deeper Look at The Texas Revolution

The Texas Revolution presented many issues to which all Americans must pay attention. There were large-scale, grave problems for a number of reasons. But the reason why the Texas Revolution occurred in the first place was because of the religious rights of the colonists. These rights are still today at the crossroads of our nation.

The religious issues at the core of these Rights are what led to the War for Independence and the United States of America. There was a battle between the church and the State, which were the result of America’s forefathers being unable to resolve their differences over religious liberty. The battles that occurred as a result of that battle shaped the United States of America, and the very foundation upon which it stands today.

Many of us fear that these battles will not be resolved quickly enough for us to take advantage of them. It is easy to be fearful when you consider that the battle between the State and the Church still exists today in various forms and conditions.

I grew up in a family that had been involved in the Civil War, and as a result I have had firsthand experience with the concept of this battle. Of course, I am aware of its results. In addition, I have had to experience that conflict firsthand. I can testify that the battles that took place in the Civil War impacted our nation in ways we cannot imagine, as well as those that did not happen.

The belief that the United States of America is a Christian Nation cannot be denied.

However, we are also aware that there are many individuals who consider themselves to be Christians, but who belong to other religions, as well.

Many of those people recognize that they are able to live their life according to their individual decisions. They realize that they do not have to affirm the beliefs of others or say that those beliefs are a part of who they are. They know that they can live life according to their own conscience and morals.

This is what concerns some Christians today. If they are unable to live according to their own conscience and morals, they fear that the United States of America is heading towards a society in which we will be choosing our own beliefs and preferences.

  • Perhaps it will be too late to undo all of the damage that has already been done,
  • but it is our responsibility to at least try to prevent further damage.
  • In particular, it would be my hope that we could do something about the actions taken by Texas State Troopers who shut down the clinics of Planned Parenthood.

If the State of Texas is to ensure that it is an open, democratic country, it must protect its citizens’ freedom to choose the faith of their choice.

To that end, I am pleased to report that several Americans have taken action to ensure that everyone has their own conscience and religious freedom protected. In fact, one of the most effective groups that are opposing the battle between the State and the Church, and attempting to save the rights of those who claim no religious faith, is a group called “The Secular Coalition for America”. The Secular Coalition for America is on the forefront of preventing an attack on the right to exercise one’s religion or belief. Get more information between office 365 vs office 365 proplus to make a decision and allo IT tech support help you.

The group, “The Secular Coalition for America” has sued the Texas State, in order to force the State to allow non-believers to practice their religion openly. This lawsuit has already prompted the Texas Legislature to agree to let the group enter the courts for mediation. This means that the group can present its case directly to the court for resolving their dispute.

If you are an American who recognizes the rights of all citizens, I hope that you will please consider this matter. You should also be prepared to do your part in preserving the rights of all Americans, including those who claim no faith.